spirits don't wear sheets

by David Downey Jr.

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Spirits don’t wear sheets

Walking down these dark streets
Spirits don’t wear sheets
Follow me like white on rice
Listen up you poltergeist
Ya’ll should take my advice
I ain’t gonna tell you twice
I won’t be your sacrifice to join you in the afterlife

Only speak what your willing to scream from mountaintops
Sound it off
Then watch as its all recorded on fiberoptic
Cable that feeds remotely into some distant countertop
Server that connects to the NSA out in Utah
Yeah, but whats a spirits voice sound like
Squeaky like a tire on an old beat down bike
Distorted by reverb
On an old reel to reel mic
Not sure what I just heard
Words piercing the moonlight
This network is all hype
A broken distorted kingdom
The ways that we live life
Broke down into subtypes
Our likes and our don’t likes
Perceptions and opinions
Just put on a happy face
And partake in this rat race
I’m really a head case
On a full case of IPA
From an organic microbrew
Grown locally USA
But part of this bigger picture
The rich kill to get richer
The spirits are gonna get ya
They’re coming at night to fetch ya

There’s a ghost in the machine
And a drone behind the tree
And disguised in our sightline the cell phone tower is a tree
And I’m thinking “woe is me”
Like we’re free but we’re not free
Haunted by these frequencies and voices in the twilight
And that’s bad because the starlight
Is the highlight
Of my nightlife
Just like me they’re seeking shadows out to as to go and hide like
It’s better to exist with them and avoid others eyesight
And walking streets with them is sure to instigate towards my fight
Or flee do I see something I can’t really see
I’m not hearing voices of somebody that has gone and died right?
Feeling like I should announce it to the public via pied pipe
We’re immortal through recordings now and privacy is hindsight
20/20 through the camera like a crypt holding old talk
forever locked and sealed tight watch your lips and don’t walk


released February 13, 2015



all rights reserved


David Downey Jr. Ashland, Oregon

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